Thanks for looking in.  I'm Val Black, a retired printer and now in my "golden years".   Speaking of gold, I've yet to find any of value except in the Word of God.  I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1981.  During that time our pastor asked for volunteers to teach the Bible to various age groups within our church.   When I was a teenager I did some hand-puppet work to entertain a younger friend and so, with that experience I thought with certainty the pastor would have me entertaining kids in the youth group.  But I was very surprised and shocked when he picked me to teach the senior citizen Bible class!  

Now, the pastor was also part of the senior citizen class. I didn't know that much about the Bible so I started cramming as much as I could before teaching my first lesson. Again to my surprise, the first lesson went very well. In fact, the pastor made a comment that he thought the church had discovered someone with a gift of teaching, or something to that effect.

But more importantly, I discovered something and that was how exciting the Bible really could be if a person will put their mind to studying scripture as opposed to just reading it. That has been about 38 years ago and since then I've put together a lot of lessons. That is the purpose of this blog, to share the Bible with you.

I challenge anyone that if they really want to know the Bible, start a Bible study to teach others.  The class could consist of just one or two people at home or you could volunteer to teach a larger class in church.  But that is how you will learn and I guarantee, you will learn what the Holy Spirit is saying through the Word of God.
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